Take Care of Your Mitochondria

Terry Wahls, MD
UP FROM THE CHAIR: Defeating Progressive MS Without Drugs

With each bit of new information, it is becoming more obvious that having good health is all about maintaining and supporting healthy mitochondria–those tiny powerhouses inside each of our body’s cells. Dr Terry Wahls reversed her debilitating multiple sclerosis using food to heal herself. This is a very inspiring and sobering TEDx talk that you cannot afford to miss. Send it along to your friends and family. A health-supporting diet has the power to change everything.

To Your Health!
Clark & Nina

Dr Steven Phinney

Dr Steven Phinney speaks with Swedish low-carb “Diet Doctor” Dr Andreas Eenfeldt. Intelligent and illuminating, this interview is one of the most concise sources for an overview of the principles of living a keto-adapted life. Except for Dr Phinney’s consumption of “high oleic” safflower oil (personally, we completely avoid ALL industrial refined seed oils), we are in accord with the good doctor and believe that everyone would benefit from listening to this interview. We also would like to note that we make our own pemmican according to the original First Nations method and find it truly the original power bar! Please watch the video, then share it with your friends and family.

To Your Health! Clark & Nina