Another MD Adopts LCHF

In September 2009, Dr Peter Attia, a physician and high-level athlete, decided to reduce his risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer by eliminating sugar from his “typical” athlete’s diet of two-thirds carbohydrate, lean protein and very little fat. Despite exercising a great deal each day, Dr Attia was 40 pounds overweight. Over the next two years, he radically but incrementally changed over to a very low-carb/high-saturated-fat lifestyle. He has since become a recognized nutrition and science blogger who says, “I want to teach people the evidence that shows why to eat a certain way. I believe that when people actually understand the laws and consequences governing fat storage, they will make the correct choices with what they eat.” His blog “explains why everything you thought you knew about nutrition is wrong” and states, “Eating fat does not make you fat.”

Please visit Eating to learn how Dr Attia lost weight and improved his athletic performance using nutritional ketosis. His blog is extensive and packed with information. There are videos and outside resources and books, discussions about cholesterol and inflammation, all thoughtfully and clearly presented. We are confident you will find Dr Attia’s website a reliable source of inspiration and support.

Jimmy Moore interviews Dr Attia on his The Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show podcast #560: Dr Peter Attia has declared ‘War on Insulin.’ Listen today and get started on your transformation.

To Your Health!
Clark & Nina