Our Story

Clark and Nina have been embracing with great enthusiasm the health benefits of eliminating sugar, grains, processed foods, seed oils, industrial meats, and fructose (especially fruit juice) in our diet. It’s difficult to explain how such a change will impact one’s health in such an immediate & profound way, but the evidence is in its implementation. We urge you to give it a try. These are just a few of the conditions caused by what Barry Groves calls ‘healthy eating’:

  • migraines or headaches
  • joint pain or arthritis
  • diabetes I, II or III
  • hypertension
  • excess weight
  • moodiness or depression
  • chronic fatigue
  • frequent infections
  • blurry vision or retinopathy
  • heart disease
  • cancer or tumor
  • autoimmune disorders
  • Liver disease, gout
  • PCOS, amenorrhea, infertility
  • dyslipidemia (high TG, low HDL)
  • dental problems
  • degenerative diseases
  • allergies
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • urinary tract problems
  • yeast & fungus infections
  • dermatitis, psoriasis or acne
  • osteomalacia or fibromyalgia
  • hypoglycemia or hyperinsulinemia

The solution is the same: Eat a diet high in good quality saturated fats, pastured eggs and meats, butter and cream. Add nuts, avocado, some EV olive oil, leafy vegetables and small amounts of low-sugar fruits. It’s a prescription for longevity and robust health. It’s your life. Live it well.

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2 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. Hi,
    I’ve been eating LCHF for a little over three month now. I struggle with what is thought to be an over active nervous system, fibromyalgia. I started on medication in october last year, a med called Saroten, which helped a little bit (especially my sleep, but also my weired symtoms), but not fully. I started noticing that my aches, and other symtoms, became worse when eating more carbs. So I desided to try LCHF, and do it all the way. After about two month I did notice a change for the better, and after three even more so. Still it goes up, and down, and I have quite a way to go.
    I’m curious, how long will it take for me to get fully healthy? Do you have an idea? It always helps to stay focused, when knowing what to expect.
    Thankfull for your respons.

  2. Je vous remercie pour le partage de votre expérience. Je savais que je souffrais d’hyperinsulinisme mais je ne savais pas comment résoudre ce problème. J’essaie depuis environ un mois de manger avec un minimum de glucides parfois j’ai du mal à trouver l’équilibre ou trop bas en dessous de 20 ou trop haut comme hier ou j’étais à environ 50. J’avais inclus les graines de lin et comme j’ai vu que vous les avez supprimé j’ai décidé de ne plus les utiliser dommage pour les omégas 3 mais mon corps a réagi aux phyto oestrogènes et j’ai compris pourquoi vous n’en consommées pas. Je comprend les sentiments de Nina dans un autre blog où elle explique comment elle s’est sentie rajeunir car c’est ce que je ressens aussi. Mes débuts en “low carb” sont un peu difficiles car il faut que j’apprenne à cuisiner autrement. Je tenais à vous dire un grand merci pour vos blogs et j’espère réussir.

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