What does all that fat do to your cholesterol?

We are asked this question frequently. Our answer usually involves a bit about how cholesterol is not the problem, that the true culprit is excess insulin, which is raised only by glucose in the blood. The source of this glucose is, of course, carbohydrate. Most people are dissatisfied with this answer and respond with skepticism, saying they will continue to follow the advice of their doctor—taking a statin. For the few people who want to understand the cholesterol question, we highly recommend this video. From The Fat Emperor comes the best explanation of cholesterol–what it is and how it functions. We ask that you watch “The Cholesterol Conundrum—and Root Cause Solution.” Be one of The Few. It may save your life. Then, share it with your family and friends so they may also join the ranks of The Few. Be bold. Share it with your doctor.

To your health!
Clark & 9ah

2 thoughts on “What does all that fat do to your cholesterol?

  1. Huh, All the blogs seem to end about 2015… so I am not sure you will see this. However, it seems ( http://kamahelecruising.blogspot.com/2019/10/garrison-bay-and-westcott-bay-sept-20.html ) you are still cruising in 2019… Cool stuff, it was interesting reading you build blog and some of your first trips. This lclf site is interesting too. I have been trying to replace carbs with fats as a body fuel, though not through this group. Rate of absorption is everything.

    • Nov 29, 2022
      Ahoy, Kama Hele crew! So nice to discover your comment (from way back when in October 2019!) on our LeftCoast LCHF website. I finally got around to signing into WordPress after a very long absence. Yours is a great travel website! Thanks for mentioning Rikki-tikki-tavi! Clark and I sincerely hope you are still out there enjoying the causing lifestyle.

      A few days after we met you in Westcott Bay, we moored Rikki-tikki for the winter at Roche Harbor, as we had been doing for 13 years. Then, on October 6, we departed SJI for an extended bit of land travel on our way back to family in Sacramento, CA, visiting a few friends and camping along the way. Regrettably for us, time aboard our trimaran has been suspended for the time being. Upon our return mid October, we became full-time caregivers for my 95 year-old mom, who has Alzheimer ;(

      Currently, Rikki-tikki-tavi is waiting patiently at a small place in Grapeview, Washington – Fair Harbor Marina.
      Here in California, staying engaged and busy with enjoyable things keeps us sane. We are establishing a California Native plant landscape at the family home, which is hard, yet very rewarding, work. Clark has regrouped with his high school band buddies and the three of them are writing and recording tunes together. The ‘boys’ are having great fun, just like back in the 60s!

      We hope both of you have been enjoying good health and good times. We’ll be checking out the rest of Kama Hele Cruising and your new SmugMug site! Thanks for contacting us… Best of the holidays to you both,
      Cheers, Nina and Clark

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