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We have been talking about starting a low-carb/high fat blog for months. When we are cruising aboard our boat, we have no internet access, so it has been an impossible dream. This winter we are back on land for a few months and we have much to share. We’ve been reading a lot and refining our choices about how to use food as a tool to live as long as possible, as free from illness as possible. Our very low carb, high fat diet that is also free of grains and PUFAs is not novel any longer, though we still get questioning looks from the folks we meet. The momentum has shifted and the internet is carrying the message, building speed, toward a diet based on our ancestral genes. Call it primal, paleo, evolutionary, or cave man. It’s all based on the awareness that the conventional wisdom of the past 50 years has failed miserably to bring us the robust health we all seek. The wisdom of our ancestors, who possessed abundant health, is the place we need to start. Only by questioning the dogma repeated endlessly by our doctors, our media, and our government can we save ourselves from a slow suicide by diet.

We hope to share some of our nutritional discoveries– those that have become second nature to us and those that we are currently implementing. We may post a recipe now and then but our food has devolved into extremely simple fare. Nearly every day, we seek to uncover enlightening information and new sites devoted to the investigation of diet and health. These we will post for your exploration. We hope you will come to value our small contribution to the grassroots movement that strives to tell the truth about what keeps us healthy or makes us ill.

5 thoughts on “At last, a blog

  1. Hi, and thanks for your wonderful website. I started eating lchf about 4 weeks ago and as yet, I have gained 2 lb. I’m a 51 year old woman, weighing about 220, so I have plenty of weight to lose. VERY discouraged and disilusioned that I haven’t lost any weight, especially when I read so many many success stories around the internet. I’m eating lots of cheese, meats, some vegetables (not root vegetables!), butter and sour cream, and cream in my coffee. Can you tell me what I might be doing wrong? Suggestions or advice? Thanks so much!

    • Maggie, don’t give up! Keep foremost in your mind that this way of eating is about getting healthy. Weight loss, if and when it happens, is a side effect. Are you eating enough natural fats and moderating the amount of protein? Too much protein will be converted to glucose and this can short-circuit fat burning. Some people become very sensitive to carbs in any form. I find that cheese is problematic for me, so I use it more as a condiment.

      Your body has the ability to rebuild itself when given the proper tools–natural fats and proteins. Have faith that you can become a successful, healthy fat burner. Read and educate yourself. Seek out information and stay on the LCHF path. I have confidence that you will do well. Hang in there.

  2. Thanks for your website my english is bad. I live in New Caledonia and I’m a 54 year woman. I suffer hyperinsulinism with no solutions from doctors. I’m very happy because I started LCHF about 1 month and lost 7 kgs (15,4 lbs) It’s fantastic for me. I try under 40 carbs but sometimes around 50. I was always tired before. I have no more my thyroid and I sets of the levothyrox ( t4 ) containing some lactose and the cynomel ( t3 ) I find interesting to use some cinnamon for its effect anti-sweeten. I used linseeds but I found logical that you do not use them because they contain phyto oestrogens. As regards the soya I noticed that the countries which(who) uses him(it) under the fermented shape have no rate of higher cancer of thyroid because the soya is goitrigène. I thus keep(guard) the tamari without wheat and the miso. I wanted to say to you really really thank you because your site enormously helped me. thanks thanks

    • Thank you, Pat, for taking time to write to me. I am pleased that you have found LCHF! I encourage you and give you my full support. May you find pleasure and success in your new lifestyle.

      • thank you very much to give me your full support.I am very interested in the importance of the vitamin D. The cod-liver oil contains too much vitamin A to obtain enough vitamin D. Our food LCHF is interesting because it brings a good quantity of this vitamin but I found on the Internet two other sources the one animal resulting from some lanolin and the other one resulting from the lichen. I would want to share these links with you but not in a commercial objective but the same spirit of sharing as you show Nina with your husband. (lanolin but somme canola oil ?) (D3 from lichen).All the best !

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